Customized facial brings balance & harmony for the whole body! I use natural organic products to address all your skincare needs! The session includes cleansing, exfoliating, and masques, a light massage of the hands, arms, neck & shoulders, finishing with a lymphatic facial massage to detox the skin and release stress and tension!



Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment that manually removes dead skin cells & fine vellous hair from the face and neck without the use of any chemicals! A gentle scraping softens the skin surface irregularities, stimulates collagen & elastin, minimizes sun damage, assists in clearing clogged pores, allows skincare products to penetrate better leaving skin soft, smooth & brighter! Finishing this session with an organic masque, light massage of hands, arms, neck, shoulders & facial lymphatic massage!


Gua Sha skin therapy is an ancient Chinese healing technique that has been around for 1000 years. The Gua Sha facial brings optimal health back into our skin, using a flat crystal stone with soft edges that gently glides across the face & neck encouraging lymphatic flow, relieving muscle tension & boosting blood circulation. It lifts the skin, reduces puffiness & surface skin lines. This session includes a hydrating masque & deep facial massage. The rhythmic motion of the cool stone gliding across the skin 
brings vitality & a healthy glow to your skin, & total relaxation to the whole body!


This beautiful facial combines 2 of my facials into 1 fabulous treatment! It begins with the Gua Sha skin therapy, then the Dermaplaning of the face & neck. Included in this session is an organic masque, & massage of the hands, arms, neck & shoulders, finishing with a lymphatic facial massage, bringing a lovely balance to your skin!  This is the ultimate facial & once you experience this duo of Gua Sha and Dermaplaning you will want to make this a part of your monthly self care!


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy involves the use of gentle manual touch to aid in the recirculation of lymph fluids in the body.  Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is important to our body's ability to detoxify, regenerate tissues, maintain a healthy immune system, balance autonomic nervous system, facilitates healing after surgeries & induces a deep state of relaxation. If you are currently undergoing treatment from a doctor for an acute or chronic medical condition or recovering from a surgery a note from your doctor may be required.  If you have any questions please contact me!


This 30-minute express facial are those who want a sampling of my facials, or need a break from work on your lunch hour! 


Choose from a variety of 30 minute add on services for your next session.  Add-ons include neck and back massage, lymphatic massage, or a relaxing foot massage.