Learn about procedure before and aftercare.


Before your appointment please limit sun exposure, as dermaplaning cannot be done on sunburned skin!  Also, 48 hrs prior do not use a product that contains Retin A, glycolic, exfoliant or use a Clarisonic brush on your skin.

After your appointment please limit sun exposure for 24 hours your “fresh” skin is vulnerable to sunburn very easily please wear sunscreen,  do not wash your face for 12 hours post-treatment as occasional stinging, or slight itching can occur during the first 24 hours, apply a calming moisturizer or serum to alleviate these symptoms.  If you need to apply makeup immediately after your session or need to wash your face it is fine just know you might experience a slight stinging or itching sensation! 



Before your appointment contact me if you are currently undergoing treatment from a doctor for an acute or chronic medical condition, recovering from recent surgery, a note from your doctor may be required. Please let me know if you have any type of infection going on in the body or if you are pregnant. For optimal results drink extra water and eat lightly the day of your treatment.

During the session prepare yourself to relax and be completely cared for!  Silence is appreciated during the treatment, also I may ask you to breathe deeply and slowly at times to activate the lymphatic system if you have questions please ask before or after the session!

After your appointment I recommend taking it easy for the rest of the day, a gentle light walk is fine, drink extra water for the first 48 hours to help hydrate your tissues, you may or may not have post-treatment reactions, which may include feeling sleepy or experience sluggishness or muscle aches, if this is the case drink extra water.  This simply means toxins are being eliminated from your body!

“I’ve been thrilled to find Linda for facials for both myself and daughter. My daughter has mild acne and I wanted to find a gentle and chemical-free treatment option. 


We have seen outstanding results beginning with the very first treatment.  Linda is so kind and makes us feel so comfortable.  I have also had some lymphatic work and immediately saw surprising positive results! 


I highly recommend Linda!!!”